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Got A Car and a Phone? Don't Drive Uber. Do This. Make $250,000

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 Ringless Voicemail will Boost Your Driving for Dollars

Driving for dollars is regarded by both new and experienced investors as the best lead list. Why? Because driving for dollars produces a unique list that only you will have. Houses on your driving for dollars list will only receive mail from you, so you’re more likely to get a call back and you won’t have to bid against other investors. Most people are just too lazy to actually drive for dollars though, so if you want a way to beat 99% of your competition, you should drive for dollars!

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What You Don't Know About REI Software Could Be Costing You—Big Time

You’re in the business of making money, not losing it. What you might not realize is that the outdated software you’re using to find, track, and close REI deals could actually be costing you. Hey, we can hear your chorus of responses right now: “But Excel isn’t outdated, everybody uses it.” “But all the software I use is free.” “But my system works for me.” But, but, but … But you’re probably not making as much money as you would be if you were using better software.

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Want to Be the First to a Deal? 3 Ways Phone Append Helps with That

You have the addresses. You have the names. You have the charming personality, focused determination, and negotiating skills. All you are missing are the right digits.

Direct mail and email contacts can help you make inroads with the owner of a distressed property, but nothing beats a good old-fashioned phone call. Interacting with a live human in real time remains the best way for prospects to build a rapport with REI professionals looking to buy their properties (and vice versa). So when you can’t find the phone number associated with a property owner or the property itself, you begin your endeavor already at a ridiculous disadvantage.

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4 Reasons Why Call Tracker Software is an REI Must-Have


Key Takeaways—The Down and Dirty Version of This Post:

1. Instant info: When on the phone with a prospect, instant information is essential to projecting confidence and closing a deal.

2. Trust building: You have, on average, on 3-5 seconds to prove you are someone a prospect wants to talk to.

3. Smooth negotiations: Negotiating with the owner of a distressed property is incredibly delicate. You need all the key information about the deal at your fingertips.

4. Data tracking: In a typical month, you might speak with dozens of potential sellers over the phone. Therefore, tracking your performance is essential.

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Who Owns That Ugly House? Using Skip Trace to Track Down Your Next Deal

Front yards overrun with weeds or brown, dry grass. Screen door handles filled with multiple advertising flyers that no one has bothered to remove in months. Unraked leaves in the fall. Unshoveled driveways in the winter.

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