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"Wholesaling got me to the big leagues."

Perhaps you've heard people refer to wholesaling as the best way to "get in the REI game". Or you may have even seen Max's Earn Your Leisure talk where he describes wholesaling as your REI "gateway drug." 

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Who Run The World?! Girls...

"This is a man's world!" ~James Brown.  All due respect to the godfather of soul, we disagree. Unfortunately, while women make up the majority of realtors, a visit to any local REIA will reveal that the opposite is true when it comes to investing. At REIRail, we consider it part of our mission to change that. So it is a great pleasure to welcome our friend, Whitney Nicely to the blog. She has been preaching the gospel of wealth building through real estate to women around the country for years. In this post she expounds on why women are such great investors (better than men LOL). 

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