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"Wholesaling got me to the big leagues."

Perhaps you've heard people refer to wholesaling as the best way to "get in the REI game". Or you may have even seen Max's Earn Your Leisure talk where he describes wholesaling as your REI "gateway drug." 

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Who Run The World?! Girls...

"This is a man's world!" ~James Brown.  All due respect to the godfather of soul, we disagree. Unfortunately, while women make up the majority of realtors, a visit to any local REIA will reveal that the opposite is true when it comes to investing. At REIRail, we consider it part of our mission to change that. So it is a great pleasure to welcome our friend, Whitney Nicely to the blog. She has been preaching the gospel of wealth building through real estate to women around the country for years. In this post she expounds on why women are such great investors (better than men LOL). 

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SNEAK PEEK deep into 2019: Experts best predictions for the hottest markets for REI

As you know, the goal of this blog is to help you stay at the top of your game through technology tips and tricks, marketing hacks, investment strategies and more. Well, here's our first must read piece of 2019. In this guest post from our friends at Mashvisor, Daniela Andreevska lays out the hottest REI markets around the country. If you're ready to start building your buy and hold portfolio, the tools Mashvisor provides will help you run the numbers to quickly identify the best deals in your market. Use promo code REIRAIL25 or simply click this link to receive 25% of any Mashvisor subscription. Now to the list...

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Real Estate Investing: Are We In Another Bubble?

You can’t deny that there has been some murmuring about bubbles and crashes in the real estate market over the past couple of years. And by murmuring, we mean that super loud whisper that grandma tries to do when she’s talking smack about the neighbor who is ten feet away and can hear every word she says.

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[Infographic] The Hottest Real Estate Markets In 2018

Real estate investing is largely about gathering intelligence—finding properties to purchase, knowing the details of those properties to aid you in negotiations, and using all that information to close the deal.

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The History of REI Software and Why Now is the Time to Invest

Forget the worm; this early bird wants deals.

Let’s face it: you’re not the only one out there searching for real estate deals. And the best way to get an edge is to work smarter, not harder. The truth is, technology has come a long way, and if you don’t want to stay in the stone ages of poring over public records and manually tracking your potential investments, it’s time to tap the incredible resources that allow you to find properties and close deals.

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