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"Wholesaling got me to the big leagues."


Perhaps you've heard people refer to wholesaling as the best way to "get in the REI game". Or you may have even seen Max's Earn Your Leisure talk where he describes wholesaling as your REI "gateway drug." 

The sentiment is the same. 


Wholesaling is without a doubt the best way to get started in real estate investing and learn the business from the ground up. 


Normally people take that to mean Wholesaling leads to  Flipping which leads to Buying and Holding. But there's a whole world of options beyond that well-beaten path. 


If you master the craft of wholesaling, you could land inside a major real estate firm acting as the tip of the spear as they source projects. 


You may see any track that leads to a 'Job' as a misstep. But I would like to challenge your thinking on that. There are tremendous benefits to being inside a large well capitalized organization with access to institutional capital and political connections. Especially if you land a role that has true autonomy. 



That's what happened for Natasha Mosley, Director of Single Family Development at The Menkiti Group in Washington, DC.  


Natasha got so good at wholesaling that the owner of that company (one of the largest development firms in the region) recruited her to play for his team!  He'd run into projects that he wanted to buy where Natasha was holding the contract, and he decided it made more sense to hire her than compete with her. 


She was placed in charge of sourcing all 1 to 10 unit properties for the company. 


But the story doesn't end there. She did so well in that role that within a year, the owners broadened her responsibilities to include overseeing all construction for that asset class.


Natasha now manages a portfolio of assets worth more than $25M and oversees remodels and ground up construction for one of the largest real estate firms in the DMV region. She engages with the mayor's office and various city council members on a regular basis. 


...all because she got really great at wholesaling. You can hear her full story on our new podcast "Heart of the City". 

Click here to listen now.